Friends of Pitt Hopkins Ontario (FOPHO)

Who and what is Friends of Pitt Hopkins Ontario (FOPHO)?

A group of riding masons and their ladies from the Thames Valley Widows Sons that organized a ride and raised some money for our loving Pitt families and their children. The next logical step was to create a Not for Profit to help the families and the children even more.

Our Goal:

To raise funds and assist families afflicted by Pitt Hopkins Syndrome in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Assistance can take the form of issuing small grants to assist with day to day expenses related to the care of a Pitt Hopkins child, purchase of specialty equipment for families with a Pitt Hopkins child, assistance with travel/medical expenses related to specialty care for a Pitt Hopkins child and easing the burden on the parents through financial aid as deemed essential.

If you wish to find out more on how to help or about us. Email is monitored regularly.

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