Sponsors- Closed

Are you a local business that's trying to improve their visibility in the area?

If so we have various levels of sponsorship to help bring you to the public eye while helping us with this amazing cause. We are looking for businesses to partner with to help boost their exposure and at the same time help us grow this event making us able to help even more children.

Thank you to all of the amazing partners that sponsored this year!

Sponsorship will open again soon for you to be able to help us grow this amazing event!

Thank you to everyone that helped us this year via Sponsorship. Every year we build new relationships with generous companies wanting to help out! Sponsorship is now closed for the year to make sure we get the ride shirts done properly. See you again next year! If you are interested in sponsoring next year, please drop us a message!

Rides and events like this cannot run and accomplish any goals without the dedication and kindness of their amazing sponsors! A heartfelt thank you to those that have been kind enough to sponsor and those that continue to support our efforts. Your kindness is well noted!

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