Ride for Pitt Hopkins Awareness 2023

Thank you for supporting this amazing event! Registration is open and the link is below. 

Thames Valley Widows Sons

We have designed amazing one of a kind shirts  Take a piece of history home with you.  Each rider will have a shirt included in their Pre-Registration. Passenger Tshirts are available in the checkout.

Tips for a successful Registration:

1. If you are registering with a rider make sure only to choose qty 1 and make sure to choose the passenger shirt size.

2. Our Registration does ask for a Donation to the platform. This is not mandatory of course.  However it will default to an amount. simply change the drop down to the level you wish it to be. 

3. Double check your total carefully before final checkout.

Some House keeping items.  

1.To use this form you must choose Rider Registration.  You have the option to add on a shirt for the Rider at no extra cost at that point. Make sure to choose your appropriate size.

2. You have the option to add on your passenger.  Shirt for the passenger are an extra fee. Please select from the order sheet if you wish a shirt for them as well. 

On the form to check out you will notice a Donation request. This is of course at your discretion ad charitable nature. It is not mandatory and you can select the drop box to custom and put in 0.00 if you wish not to. 

It is important to note that Pre-Registration will Close Aug 16/2024 so allow us to finish up the artwork and t-shirt orders so they will be ready for you on ride day!

We can only guarantee a shirt size requested to those that have pre-registered.

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for Your support!